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About us

Salty Dog Sounds is a small game and audio studio located in Perth, Western Australia. We make games, and byte sized themed audio packages with affordability and niche sounds in mind aimed primarily at indie and small game/AV studios. Scroll down to meet our team!


Brian Fairbanks


Brian is a sound designer and composer, working in the game dev field for over six years now as an audio specialist and consultant. He has worked on a number of indie game releases, and is now working closely with the vision impaired gaming community, developing his own game, "Lost and Hound" which is accessible internally to gamers with vision impairment. He has presented his groundbreaking work at PAX AUS and hopes to do so again this year at GCAP. He met the rest of the team through various game dev projects in and around Perth, Australia.

Follow Lost and Hound @lostandhound1 on Twitter for doggo silliness and barely coherent, coffee-fueled nerd-outs about the things we can do for VI gamers. 


Ryan Gardner

Ryan met the team during university and have kept crossing paths through various sound work. In his career, Ryan works consistently to provide foley, sound design and compositions for various projects including video games, film, theatre and live art. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys D&D, games, soundtracks and culture.

Follow Ryan on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook: @SoundRyRy

Discord: @SoundRyRy#3208


Fiona Bartholomaeus

Fiona Bartholomaeus

Fiona met the team whilst studying Sound and Radio at University. During her study, she discovered her passion for all things sounds. Fiona has worked on a web series where she was the sole foley artist, location sound recorder, and sound editor. She regularly hosts a current affairs radio show on a community radio station RTRFM, and produces an indie gaming podcast Pixel Sift. Fiona likes to chill with her dog, play video games, and tries to survive her D&D campaigns.

You can follow Fiona on Twitter to keep up to date with her work: @Fimb_4


Scott Martin

 Scott Martin met Brian in a Radio class at University but found his passion of sound, audio design and editing while studying Screen Production and Sound. He worked with a small but tight film-making team as the location sound recorder and post-production editor where he learnt about the detailed world of sound design. Once a soundie always a soundie, Scott continues to study and experiment with sound design through the world of game-asset creation.

You can follow Scott on Twitter for half-baked comedy tweets: @ScottrhysCOMEDY and on Instagram: @ScottRhysMartin


Mitchell Hancock

Mitch met Brian at Global Game Jam 2015 and they've been working together on both serious and silly projects ever since. Mitch is still jamming to this day and slowly working his way into the software development scene in Perth while being too entrenched in the local Larp community to have a healthy wallet. 


Follow @kivelso on twitter for sporadic confused tweets and Instagram for photographs of sunsets, his pet and the odd gym selfie.