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Can I use the sound and music I purchase from you for products I am going to sell?
Yes, you can use them for any form of person or commercial media - podcasts, games, television, film, etc. 

Can I sell the sound and music packs I purchase to other people, as audio files?
No, it is illegal.

Does your studio do custom sound design?
Yes, we have over 9 years experience in the games industry. Contact us for our rates.

What sort of files am I purchasing?
Audio assets - sound effects, music and/or ambient loops. They are in .wav format and .ogg will be added soon. 

Can I preview the packs?
Yes, there are videos on each pack's page. 

What if I don't like the pack I purchase?
Please contact us! We want you to love what you've bought and we want your game to be the best it can. We can work together to improve sounds you don't find satisfactory. 

What currency does this site use?