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Legacies is an underwater submarine conservation and sabotage video game. Explore the coasts of Australia, and utilise a submarines unique tech to stealth and protect a rare aquatic ecosystem under threat.

Coming to soon to PC & Nintendo Switch. 



The story takes place around the coasts of modern-day Australia, and draws inspiration from current Australian environmental and cultural influences. You play as Max, a young eco-vigilante who is searching for reconnection by retracing his mothers mysterious past as a rogue marine biologist.



Choose your way to play, you can choose different paths to complete missions:

Subterfuge: Take risks and deal with threats head-on.

Stealth: Stay hidden in the deep and sabotage enemies without ever being noticed.

Conservation: Study the ecosystem and help bring areas under human threat back to their natural wonder.

Explore a thriving ecosystem in Shark Bay, learn about a tropical underworld in the Great Barrier Reef, discover secrets held deep in the Kelp Forrest. 



The team are strong advocates for game accessibility. So at the very beginning of our design, we agreed to build the mechanics around accessibility. By doing so, we are striving to make Legacies completely playable for vision impaired/low sight gamers. For more information, check out our tutorial video below:




The game has been in development by a small team of game developers and sound designers located in Perth, Western Australia. What began as a small game jam project between Daisy Ale Soundworks and Salty Dog Sounds, has expanded into a large adventure with unique controls, and a whole lot of charm.


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 Pictured at left to right: Mitchell Hancock, Ryan Gardner, Fiona Bartholomaeus and Scott Martin

The team consists of:

Brian Fairbanks: @Daisyalesounds

Ryan Gardner: @Soundryry

Fiona Bartholomaeus: @Fimb_4

Mitchell Hancock: @Kivelso

Scott Martin: @Scottrhyscomedy